No child should worry where their next meal will come from.

Together we can provide weekend meals | Bite2Go | for every child in Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho who needs them

We do this by identifying local organizations of compassion: businesses, churches, and clubs, and empower them to adopt a school in their area.  Adoptive organizations begin by providing Bite2Go weekend food support to children experiencing food insecurity.  
Through technical, organizational, and logistical support we help expand the reach and effectiveness of these partners.

At The Core partners with businesses, churches, and organizations to help fight childhood hunger through our Bite2Go and Bite2GoXL programs in conjunction with Second Harvest.

Our Approach

Using the power of community partners to provide lasting change in the lives of children.

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Our Partners

Here is a list of our partner businesses, churches and organizations and the schools they have adopted to date.

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Join the Mission

Find out how you can help stop the epidemic of hunger in your community.

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We believe that NO child in our service territory should be hungry! Today, 9,746 kids find a bag of food tucked into their backpack to help sustain them over the weekend. But there is still so much to do!

Children in communities across eastern Washington and Northern Idaho are also in need of Bite2GO weekend food support. Want to find out how to bring Bite2Go into your community? Contact us to get started!

Want to sponsor a child in Spokane County? Click Sponsor a Child to find out how you can help change a life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to get Bite2Go started in my community! Where do I start? 

We would love to get in touch! Please email us HERE

Or you can call 509-998-9531 

Do I have to be a member of the church or business that has adopted a school in order to sponsor a child at that school?

No! Anyone can sponsor a child from any school in our drop-down menu. Just be aware, that once the need is filled at each school, At The Core reserves the right to apply your sponsorship to another child in need at a different school.

How do I get involved?

Click "Join The Mission" from our "About Us" page to find out how you can give, volunteer, and make a difference!


I know a child who would benefit from receiving Bite2Go. Who should I contact to get them signed up?

Please contact the counselor or social worker at the school the child attends. Or, you may email us at At The Core.